Berrylicious Chia Parfait

Today’s refreshing summer recipe of Berrylicious Chia Parfait is brought to us by xbeccabella

Summer is here and so are all kinds of fruit! Berries are definitely one of my favourite. Seriously, I eat them every day!

So I decided to create this super easy recipe for a berrylicious chia parfait which you can easily prepare the night before. It can also be eaten on the go, just put a lid on your jar and take it with you! I ate it in the morning as my breakfast but it’s also a great snack idea.

The first layer is a creamy chia pudding, which is super filling due to the chia seeds. Chia is a true superfood, they do not only include many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but they also provide your body with important healthy fats.

In the middle there is a refreshing berry-yogurt-mousse and for the last layer you can basically use whatever you like. I chose some more fresh berries, kiwi, sugar-free granola, coconut chips and passion fruit!

So here’s the recipe for this beautiful, healthy, vegan chia parfait:


Chia pudding

  • 2 tbsp of chia seeds,
  • 80g natural soy yogurt,
  • 100ml plant based milk (I took soy),
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla

Berry mousse

  • 250g natural soy yogurt
  • two handful of mixed berries
  • 1 scoop of natural vegan vanilla protein powder (optional, you can also leave it out but then the consistency will be more liquid)


1. For the chia pudding, Just stir everything around and place it in the fridge. After approx. one hour you should stir it around once again to make sure the chia seeds are not stuck to the bottom!

2. For the berry mousse, mix everything and place it in the fridge overnight.

3. The next morning, slice up one kiwi. Put the chia pudding in a jar and place the kiwi slices against the rim of the jar. Put the berry mousse on top and top it with whatever you like.

4. Enjoy 🙂

Berrylicious Chia Parfait article written by xbeccabella

All photos are copyright of xbeccabella