Mrs Agra – Chai black tea

This traditional blend of Mrs Agra – Chai black tea can be relied upon to comfort and sooth you in your hour of need: Indian assam black tea, carefully hand-blended with warm, exotic spice.


Indian Assam black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Red peppercorns, Cloves

Mrs Agra, keeps you warm on those cosy nights in.

What is chai tea? 

You might be used to enjoying a nice chai tea lattes at your local coffee shop, or Starbucks but the reality is that this is not traditional chai and is often packed full of sugar. I would not like to hazard a guess on how many spoonfuls goes into their versions. The Guardian recently released an article which stated as many as 25 spoonfuls!

Indian chai tea (The type we sell) is a robust blend of black tea, herbs and spices. For centuries chai tea has been used for its many supposed health benefits and is even considered a great source of healing in India. The chai blend can change depending on what region the blend is from but in general they are always very similar in profile.

Chai tea (also often referred to as masala chai), contains a delicious blend of  flavours and has a very spicy, warm aroma, which awakens the senses and is great during the long winter months.

Some supposed health Benefits of Chai Tea

It can kick start your day

Chai black tea is packed with caffeine and although the levels are not as high as your average cup of coffee, the tea is a great healthy choice to get your morning going, without the caffeine dip that coffee often gives you.

This means that you can enjoy a few cups of tea without overdoing the caffeine levels throughout the morning and then switch to a nice herbal, or rooibos tea in the afternoon/evening.

It Helps Improve Digestion

Black pepper found in chai tea is thought to help our pancreas to produce digestive enzymes, which in turn break down fats and help speed up the digestive process. It is thought that you can help fight things such as liver disease, IBS and even help with weight loss by having a fast digestive process, which can only be a good thing right?

It might help your immune system

Drinking a few cups of chai tea each day can help build a healthier immune system, as the Cardamom in chai contains high levels of vitamin C and other nutrients, which help keep your immune system running healthy.

Chai tea May prevent Chronic Diseases

Chai tea is thought to contain a high amount of antioxidants referred to  polyphenols and the can help reduce the amount of free radicals you have in your system. Free radicals have been linked to chronic diseases like Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s, as well as different types of cancer.

So that is chai tea in a nutshell!

Keep an eye out on our future blog posts as we will dive deeper into how tea can help keep you healthy and if you are interested in purchasing a delicious cup of our premium chai tea – Mrs Agra, you can visit the store by clicking here: