9 signs that you might actually be a Princess

9 signs that you might actually be a Princess

We have all dreamed of being a Princess, ever since we were little. Some of us are still waiting for our Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet and have kissed plenty of frogs in our search for the perfect guy. We know there are lots of real life Princesses out there, but have you ever felt like a real life Princess? Well here are 9 signs that you might actually be a Princess.

  1. You, or your friends and family refer to you as ‘The Princess’

Ever been referred to as ‘A Princess’ by your friends or family, then they must see something special in you. It is important to have a bunch of servants that look up to you isn’t it?

2. You keep everyone waiting

Are your friends always waiting for you on a night out? Are you always fashionably late? We all know it takes time to look good and why you should rush to get ready? The Princess waits for no-one but everyone waits for the Princess.

9 signs that you might actually be a Princess

3. You only want the best.

Whether it comes to shopping, or going out for some food with friends, you only ever want to visit the best and coolest places. Heading for a night out? You don’t do budget bars, only the coolest swankiest places in town will do and they better get their service right, otherwise you WILL send it back.

4. Birthdays are a big thing

It is the most important day of the year isn’t it? So lots of planning needs to go into your birthday party. You expect the biggest and best party and everyone better be there, your birthday celebrations should last all week really and people better splash out on your presents.

9 signs that you might actually be a Princess

5. You love everything PINK

Pink is your favourite colour, every since a little girl you have fallen in love with everything pink. When planning a trip you cannot miss the opportunity of taking a picture with anything pink.

6. You are angry at Instagram for not being able to get verified.

Instagram has a habit of verifying famous celebrity accounts with a blue tick to stop people from creating fake accounts right? You have looked into how to get your account verified, you may not be famous, but your a Princess and a Princess should have a verified account, right?

7. You are always right!

Ever been told that you are in the wrong, or what you said was not correct? Don’t listen to anyone as your a Princess and you could never be wrong, you are always right.

9 signs that you might actually be a Princess

8. You are looking for your Prince Charming.

You are a Princess so why should you settle for second best? You are on the look out for the perfect guy, someone who will treat you as a Princess. He should be attractive, smart, funny and someone who is going to spoil you rotten.

9. You don’t do hard work, or manual labor.

When it comes to work, you have people who do that for you. Cleaning, DIY, mowing the lawn,  anything that takes too much energy or is not fun, you get the help in.

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